Performance Schedule: Fall 2021 and Spring 2022


Date Event Time Directions
October 24, Sunday SNAP 3PM, call TBD  
November 10, Wednesday Lexington Commons 7PM, call 6 Commons Directions
November 17, Wednesday Newbridge on the Commons 8PM, call 7 Newbridge Directions
December 2, Thursday Brookhaven 7:30PM, call 6:30 Brookhaven Directions
December 7 or Nov 20  Marsh Dress Rehearsal 7-9:45  see homepage
December 4 or 11, Saturday Marsh Concert 7:30PM, call 6:00   see homepage
      Lasell Directions



Spring 2022

Date    Event Time Directions
January 16, Sunday Maplewood (Norumbega) 2:30PM, call TBD Maplewood Directions
April 6, Wednesday North Hill 7:30PM. 6:30 call North Hill Directions
April 14, Thursday        Brookhaven 7:30PM, 6:30 call Brookhaven Directions
April 28, Thursday Fox HIll 7:30PM. 6:30 call Fox Hill Directions
May 3, Tuesday Campion Dress Rehearsal  7-9:45  
May 7,  Saturday Campion Concert  7:30PM, 6:00 call  
      Lasell Directions


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