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Performance Schedule: Fall 2023 and Spring 2024

(updated 8/30/23)


Date Event Time Directions
November 9, Thursday Lasell  7:30PM, call 6:30  Lasell Directions
November 15  Wednesday The Commons at Lincoln  7:30PM, call 6:30 Commons Directions
November 28, Tuesday Marsh Rehearsal  7-9:45 see homepage
November 30, Thursday Brookhaven  7:30PM, call 6:30  Brookhaven Directions
December 2, Saturday Marsh Concert  7:30PM, call 6:00  see homepage
January 10,  Wednesday Celtics Anthem Sing  TBD Ticket Desk, N. Sta.



Spring 2024

Date    Event Time Directions
March 27, Wednesday                   North Hill  7:30PM. 6:30 call   North Hill Directions
April 3, Wednesday Lasell 7:30PM. 6:30 call  Lasell Directions
April 10, Wednesday Fox Hill 7:30PM. 6:30 call   Fox Hill Directions
April 25, Thursday    Brookhaven 7:30PM, 6:30 call Brookhaven Directions
April 30 , Tuesday Campion Rehearsal            7-9:45  see homepage
May 4,  Saturday Campion Concert  7:30PM, 6:00 call  see homepage
 TBD  Red Sox Anthem Sing  TBD  Fenway Gate E
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